Besson BE165-2-0 Performance Bb Euphonium 3+1 Valve System with Silver Plated Finish

Besson BE165-2-0

With the choice between four models, the Besson Prodige euphoniums provide an excellent start to the careers of aspiring euphonium players. All four models (BE162, BE163, BE164, BE165) are free blowing with an ease of tone production combined with an even response throughout the register. They have a rich, warm, centred tone and a reliable, fast and quiet valve action, as well as being comfortable for both embouchure and fingers.


  • Key :Bb
  • Bore :.580 / 14,72 mm
  • Bell :Yellow brass 11" or 12" / 280 mm or 304 mm
  • Valves :3 stainless steel (BE162) / 4 stainless steel (BE163/BE164/BE165)
  • Waterkeys :2 (BE162) / 3 (BE163/BE164/BE165)

Features :

  • Removable water catcher, fixed lyre box
  • Outfit :Hard case with zippers, mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, valve oil
  • Finish :Clear lacquer or silver-plated

Models :

BE162-1-0 :Clear lacquer finish

BE162-2-0 :Silver-plated finish

BE163-1-0 :3+1, 12" bell, gold brass lead pipe, clear lacquer finish

BE163-2-0 :3+1, 12" bell, gold brass lead pipe, silver plated finish

BE164-1-0 :4 inline, 11" bell, clear lacquer finish

BE164-2-0 :4 inline, 11" bell, silver plated finish

BE165-1-0 :3+1, 11" bell, clear lacquer finish

BE165-2-0 :3+1, 11" bell, silver-plated finish


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