BASSU60 Blackstar Unity Bass U60 1x10" 60-watt Bass Combo Amp

The new face of bass

Unity Pro Bass are the result of countless hours oftechnical research and benchmarking against the most iconic historicreferences. Designed from the ground up by bass players, for bass players theyare straight forward and powerful. Blackstar’s unique Response control allowsthe player to choose between the sound and feel of three classic power ampstages, shaping compression, natural drive and dynamics.

Combined with three distinct preamp voicings and a 3-bandsemi-parametric EQ, Unity produces infinitely flexible bass tone andexceptional feel, whatever your playing style.

Any player, any sound

Performance optimised, powerful. Unity’s deceptively simplecontrols allow you to quickly and easily mould and create your tone no matterthe style. 

Choose from 3 unique voices and response controls touniquely shape the sound in your head. 

Ultimate flexibility and connectivity

Push your creativity with built in Chorus, Compression andOctave effects all whilst being the perfect unit for both studio and stage witha balanced XLR, USB connectivity and more.


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